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"A Proven Industry Leader in the Field of Corporate Services"

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Welcome to OCRA Worldwide, a proven industry leader and the independent provider of choice. From OCRA Worldwide's global network of offices we deliver offshore companies, onshore companies, offshore trusts, and company management and trustee services to expatriates, international businesses, individuals, families, and professional intermediaries.

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If you are an achiever, with the desire to succeed and an unrelenting commitment to excellence, OCRA Worldwide would like to discuss you joining our team.

The 21st century will be defined by globalisation. Those who thrive in this century will make career decisions that position themselves at the forefront of this globalisation, with companies that are leading the way in international business.

OCRA Worldwide is such an organisation.

With offices across the world, an international team with unsurpassed expertise and a commitment to reward your achievements with a superb compensation package, OCRA is the employer of choice.

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OCRA is a world leader in providing Global Corporate Services. This means that we provide everything from onshore and offshore companies, trusts, company management and trustee services as well as vital corporate services such as virtual offices and accountancy services to international businesses, individuals, expatriates and professional intermediaries.

Our success is created entirely by our outstanding team. We employ the best and if you want a career with the employer of choice, we want to hear from you.

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You will be working in a thriving and challenging environment. Our business can be complex but fascinating. There is no limit to your potential to grow and increase your skill level, as the nature of our business and regulations in our many jurisdictions are always changing. So you will be challenged daily to maintain our reputation for providing the most advanced, effective solutions to our clients and to exponentially grow your own skill level.

A Great Global Team

You will be joining an extraordinary global team of highly skilled professionals. Teamwork is at the heart of OCRA’s success and we employ individuals with incredibly diverse talents and backgrounds. You will become an invaluable part of the team – and the team will be a never ending source of learning and growth for you.

OCRA Worldwide's team concept is implemented in all companies offices. This team approach ensures that each client as well as each member of the team feels that they are a vital member of the team. In fact, clients and staff usually feel they are part of the extended OCRA Worldwide family. OCRA Worldwide's client driven approach and family style atmosphere makes working with OCRA Worldwide a positive and rewarding unique experience.

Financial Reward

We want to recruit the best in the world and we will compensate you generously for your excellence and your achievements. You will receive a good base package with outstanding performance related pay and there will be no limit to your earnings potential. When you join the OCRA team, it is vital to us that you share in the success that you help create.

Five Star Benefit Packages

In addition to a strong financial package, members of the OCRA team have access to a top benefits package that includes (as example):

  • Free Gym Membership
  • Free transport home for out of hours working
  • Bonus Sharing Plan depending on your financial package
  • Educational Assistance and Tuition
  • Inhouse Company Training
  • Years of service recognition
  • Company Parties
  • Bereavement leave
  • Benefits may vary from office to office.

The International Dimension

The Internet and instant communication has transformed our organisation and we pride ourselves on maximising the use of technology. But in our business, nothing will replace the importance of direct contact with our prestigious clients who are located across the world.

For this reason, international travel is an important part of life for many of our team. We also encourage staff to seek placements in new territories. For example, several of our IT staff in Mauritius have experienced one or two year relocations to our offices in Europe. So when you join OCRA, make sure that you bring your passport!

A Prestigious Reputation

OCRA Worldwide has a 35 year heritage as the world leader in Global Corporate Services. You will be part of an organisation that is renowned across the world for its experience, expertise, dedication to its clients and excellence.

In addition, we put a strong emphasis on leading edge Marketing to maintain and strengthen our prominent brand. As a result, OCRA has built a prestigious reputation across the world. Back to top


We are recognised as a leading global corporate and trust service provider and the employer of choice. Our values of compliance, client focus, quality and empowerment drive our behaviours. Leadership in the industry, enthusiastic and self-directed staff and the application of professional expertise enhances every client interaction.


We give the highest priority to maintaining an effective compliance regime and culture. A positive approach to compliance influences all that we do. Our objective is to deliver compliance in a manner that leaves our clients with honour and respect.

Client Focus

After compliance and at the heart of our core values is the concept of client focus. We must never forget that our clients are the reason we are here.


Quality is about delivering services that not only meet challenging standards but also continuously exceed expectations. We mobilise all our staff towards the achievement of service excellence. Quality cannot solely be realised through our procedures or our ISO9001:2000 certification. A commitment to quality is inherent in everything that we do.


Our success depends on our ability to engage and enthuse staff and to find ways of releasing more of the enormous potential that exists within OCRA Worldwide. This happens because we are serious in our commitment to staff empowerment. Our entire development agenda is based on the principle of involving staff.

Our values set the standard for all OCRA Worldwide staff at every level:

  • We adhere to uncompromising principles of truth, trust and ethics.
  • We treat clients and each other with fairness and respect.
  • We honour our personal and team commitments.
  • We anticipate and respond promptly to all concerns, problems, ideas and requests.
  • We behave in a legal, fair and balanced manner.
  • As the employer of choice, our vision and value driven company is supported with a very competitive compensation and benefit programme.
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Joining the OCRA team is highly rewarding. In return, we are looking for the best – and for individuals with a strong commitment to build the business and share in its success. In particular, we want to hear from you if you possess the following character traits:

A Commitment to Service

  • An ability to understand and define the needs of the Client
  • An unrelenting commitment to serve the client and build a long-term relationship
  • Excellent inter-personal skills

Management Skills

  • Intellectual Skills
  • the ability to think outside the box’
  • Strong decision making skills
  • Able to implement ideas and follow through to completion
  • Strong technical skills with a desire to never stop learning

A Team Player

  • An individual who thrives in a team environment
  • Well presented
  • Innovative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Flexible
  • Passionate

Leadership Skills

  • An unrelenting commitment to excellence
  • Motivated
  • Able to inspire others
  • An ability to lead yourself successfully as well as your team

Marketing, Sales and Communication Skills

  • Excellent Communication and Influencing Skills
  • An understanding of the market and a willingness to learn
  • Proven Sales skills for those is a Sales/Customer Service role
  • Linguistic skills are always an advantage in our International Business

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