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Tax Planning

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Global Business Solutions

Business Clients Professional Intermediaries International Trade EU VAT & the Internet Foreign Direct Investment Foreign Market Entry Global Workforce Intellectual Property Protection Offshore Business Banking E-commerce Solutions International Compliance Virtual Office Solutions Commercial Escrow

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Private Clients Asset Structuring Property Ownership Offshore Banking

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Expatriate Clients Immigration Planning Double Income Taxation Healthcare Insurance Expatriate Banking

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Jurisdiction Centre

The Jurisdictions Tax Treaties Laws Compare Jursdictions Download Information

Key International Business Company (IBC) Jurisdictions

Anguilla - IBC Bahamas - IBC Belize - IBC British Virgin Islands - BC Brunei - IBC Dominica - IBC Marshall Islands - IBC Samoa - IC Seychelles - IBC Saint Vincent - IBC RAK IC - Limited by shares

Jurisdictions for Internation Trade, Investment & Tax Planning

Barbados - IBC Cayman Islands - Exempt Cyprus - Private Gibraltar - Non Resident Hong Kong - Private Limited Ireland - Resident Private Limited Isle of Man - Hybrid (Private Limited by Guarantee and having a Share Capital) Isle of Man - Resident LLC Isle of Man - Private Limited Isle of Man - New Manx Vehicle (NMV) Isle of Man - Limited Partnership Jersey - Resident Labuan - Offshore Trading Labuan - Offshore Non Trading Luxembourg - 1990 SOPARFI Holding Luxembourg - 1990 SOPARFI Holding S.A. or S.A.R.L. Malta - Private Limited Liability Company Mauritius - GBC II Mauritius - GBC I Netherlands - BV Panama - Non Resident Seychelles - CSL Singapore - Resident/Non Resident, Private Limited UK - LLP UK - Public Limited UK - Private Limited Switzerland - GmbH/SàRL/ LLC Switzerland - AG/SA/LTD

Other Jurisdictions

Australia - Proprietary Limited Australia - Public Limited China - WFOE Cook Islands - International Costa Rica - Stock Corporation Denmark - ApS (Private Limited Company) Denmark - A/S (Public Limited Company) Germany - GmbH Germany - AG Iceland - HF (Public) Iceland - EHF (Private) Liberia - Non Resident Liechtenstein - Anstalt Liechtenstein - AG Madeira - Limitada Madeira - SA Nevis - LLC Nevis - NBCO Poland - S.A. (Joint Stock) Poland - Sp.k. Poland - Sp.z.o.o. (Limited Liability) Russia - OJSC (OAO) Russia - LLC (OOO) / CJSC (ZAO) Spain - S.L. Spain - S.A. Vanuatu - International Vanuatu - Exempt China - JV

United States of America LLCs

Arkansas - LLC Delaware - LLC New Jersey - LLC New York - LLC Oregon - LLC Washington DC - LLC Wyoming - LLC


Seychelles - Trust


Bahamas - Foundation Panama - Foundation

Jurisdiction Centre

The Jurisdictions Tax Treaties Laws Compare Jurisdictions Download Information

Trusts, Foundations & SPV Entities

Offshore Companies Offshore Trusts Offshore Foundations EU Holding Companies International Pensions (IPP/ICP) Personal Service Companies

International Trade

Utilising the United Kingdom Utilising Ireland Utilising the Isle of Man Utilising Malta Utilising Cyprus Utilising Hong Kong Utilising Singapore Utilising Mauritius Utilising British Virgin Islands Utilising US LLCs United States of America The EU VAT Directive

International Investment

Investing in Russia Investing in Asia Investing in South America Investing in Africa

International Banking Services

Establishing an Offshore Bank Account Selecting an Offshore Bank Account Account Opening Procedures Credit & Debit Card Services

Market Entry Information

Australia Britain Bulgaria China & Hong Kong Luxembourg Malta Mauritius Singapore Switzerland Vietnam

Yacht & Ship Registers

Mauritius Register Seychelles Register Madeira Register Luxembourg Register

Property Ownership

UK Property Spanish Property French Property Portuguese Property Bulgarian Property USA Property

Intellectual Property Protection

Trademark Registration Solution Case Studies Company Solutions Trust Solutions

News Centre

The OCRA Worldwide Monthly Newsletter The Yacht and SuperYacht Monthly Newsletter Aviation and Aerospace Monthly Newsletter Daily Tax News China Business News

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