At OCRA Worldwide, we constantly endeavor to use new and emerging digital technology to provide information on our product and services.

We are pleased to adopt the very latest "Quick Response (QR) mobile code technology", which will enable our clients to save our business contact details on their smartphone.

QR codes are an encoded barcode image resembling a square-like maze. Unlike a 1-dimensional UPC code, a 2-dimensional barcode stores data in both directions and can be scanned vertically or horizontally to be decoded.

A QR Code can store the following:

  • Text
  • Hyperlink
  • Telephone number (Phone call)
  • SMS/MMS message
  • Email (Send message)
  • Contact entry (vCard or meCard)
  • Calendar entry (vCalendar)

How does it work ?

To scan a QR code, you would need to have a QR code reader installed on your smartphone. If your smartphone does not come pre-loaded with a QR code reader, please download a free version from QR PAL.

It takes approximately 2-3 minutes to download and install the reader. With the reader installed on your mobile, you will be ready to decode QR Codes.

How to read QR code?

To read a QR code:

Step 1: You will need to launch the QR-PAL code reader software on your phone. This will open your smartphone camera.

Step 2: Point in the direction of the QR code to correctly capture it to scan the code.

Step 3: The reader quickly scans the code and displays the embedded information in the code.

Step 4: If the code contains a URL, the reader will prompt to click the URL and visit the page containing the related information. If the code contains a business card, this will prompt saving the business card in the contact list of the phone.

How to download QR-PAL on the mobile phone?

You can download QR-PAL by any of the following methods:

  • Launch (open) the internet browser on your smartphone and go to QR-PAL will automatically identify your handset type, download and install QR-PAL reader.

  • Alternatively, you can visit your smartphone’s application store and search for “qrpal”.

  • When you’re ready with the QR barcode reader software installed on your phone, you can test it out by scanning the QR code displayed on our website to decode the information inside.

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