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Foreign Direct Investment Related Services How to Proceed


When considering an investment into a country, proper attention should be given to the taxation received in the form of dividends, interest and royalties, as well as any possible capital gains tax that could arise on the disposal of such an investment. Further consideration has to be extended to tax deferral issues and utilisation of losses.

Many European Union member states offer Holding Company regimes that are generally favourable with regards to the treatment of foreign sourced income, and most have extensive double taxation treaty agreements. To view a country by country summary of each of these companies, follow the links below to the Knowledge Base section of our website:

Austria Belgium Cyprus Denmark Estonia Ireland Luxembourg Madeira Malta Netherlands Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom


Our international team of lawyers, accountants and commercial experts are fully conversant with international business and the world’s tax treaties and are therefore able to offer you a bespoke advisory service that includes:

  • Expertise in utilising double tax treaties
  • Specific advice on investment into Russia, Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.
  • Advice on the selection of company, or trust structures
  • Assistance with the establishment and management of selected investment structures
  • Advice on utilising structures domiciled in high tax areas for international tax planning
  • Advice on overseas property investment
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A bespoke 'offshore' solution can be complex and requires careful planning and execution. We therefore encourage our clients to contact us directly, without obligation.

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