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Mauritius, an independent and sovereign nation strategically located in the Indian Ocean, has earned a solid reputation as a world class international financial services hub, providing operational security and commercial flexibility to investors.

Mauritius offers a unique blend of very attractive features which best answers your requirements and adds value to a wide range of global investment vehicles.

  • Modern, innovative and user-friendly legislation.
  • Internationally recognized standards of regulatory practices. (well regulated)
  • Well diversified economy with a growth rate averaging 5% for the past 20 years.
  • Political stability guaranteed by Parliamentary democracy. Connected to the SAFE Fiber Optic Network. (for broadband internet).
  • Highly qualified professionals who are bilingual: English and French.
  • Favourable fiscal policies.
  • Growing network of double Tax Treaties with 31 countries including Barbados, Belgium, Botswana, China, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Italy, Kuwait, Lesotho, Luxembourg , Madagascar, Malaysia, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Rwanda, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Swaziland, Sweden, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom , Zimbabwe.
  • Mauritius is a political and financially stable mature democracy which has actively sought and welcomed foreign investors and business for many decades. The banking, communications, financial and professional infrastructure is adept at meeting the demands of international business and tax practitioners.

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The most utilised facilities and structures include:


Companies holding a Category 2 Global Business Licence - such companies are flexible, cost-effective, tax exempt "offshore" business entities that cannot make use of Mauritius' extensive tax treaty network. Click here for further information about GBCII Companies.


Companies holding a Category 1 Global Business Licence - such companies are tax resident, subject to 15% income but with an automatic tax credit making the effective rate 3% and if they are correctly structured and managed may access Mauritius' tax treaty network. Neither capital gains nor withholding taxes are levied. Click here for further information about GBCI Companies.

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A well-regulated and developed offshore banking and financial sector. Offshore banking units are experienced in serving the demands of international business.

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A bespoke 'offshore' solution can be complex and requires careful planning and execution. We therefore encourage our clients to contact us directly, without obligation.

While all of our consultants in our offices provide a Free Initial Consultation, the office and consultant listed below has particular expertise in this area and will gladly assist with advice on how to approach your unique challenge.

Alternatively, to select one of our multilingual offices, click here for a list of our office contact details.

OCRA (Mauritius) Limited
2nd Floor Max City Building
Remy Ollier Street
Port Louis
Republic of Mauritius
+230 217 5100
+230 217 5400

Languages spoken in this office: English and French


Dharmesh Naik, Cert (Comp), Cert.ICSA, TEP, F. MIoD (Group MD - Middle East and Africa) MAURITIUS OFFICE
+230 217 5100
+230 217 5400
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