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The OCRA Worlwide team in Malta is ready to provide you with any guidance that you may require in identifying the most suitable vehicle for your business affairs and will be happy to assist you with your requirements, including any applicable licensing requirements.

We can offer the following services:

  • Registration, maintenance and administration of Maltese Companies.
  • Registered office address facilities
  • Mail-handling facilities
  • Virtual office services
  • Turnkey administrative services
  • Company secretarial services
  • Provision of directors and procurement of fiduciary services
  • In-house accounting and tax administration
  • Assistance in opening and operation of bank accounts and finance support
  • Assistance in the day to day management of the company
  • Ship and yacht registration
  • Provision of advice on trust formation and procurement of trustee services
  • Expert guidance on business licensing requirements
  • Assistance with work permits and immigration issues
  • Assistance and consultancy relating to Permanent Residents Scheme applications
  • Assistance with the acquisition, disposal and rental of immovable property
  • Intellectual property, trade mark, patent and royalty work
  • Online Gaming consultancy
  • Consultancy and support services relating to captive insurance companies
  • Procuring audit services
  • Procuring expert legal and taxation services

Doing business in Malta offers the following advantages:

  • a highly educated, reasonably priced English-speaking workforce, particularly in the legal, accounting, insurance, banking and maritime professions.
  • solid economic performance and continuously improving standard of living.
  • strongly committed parliamentary democracy where governments change at free elections, underpinned by a constitutionally entrenched policy of political neutrality.
  • observance of the Rule of Law.
  • low political and economic risk.
  • reliability of telecommunication systems and trouble-free accessibility from most parts of Europe.
  • an extensive and well-established double-taxation treaty network with over 40 separate jurisdictions around the world.
  • membership of the European Union since the 1st May 2004, providing access to the entire EU marketplace.
  • availability of quality office and residential accommodation for lease or for sale at reasonable prices.
  • comparatively low operating costs when compared to most other European financial centres.
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