Multi-National Corporations

We can assist global corporations reduce their business costs, secure their assets and maximise their profits.

SMEs & Owner-Managed Businesses

We work with you to ensure that your business is structured so that it develops and grows while you focus on what you do best.


When you are ready to exploit new ideas, expand into new markets, or engage in cross-border transactions, we can help you meet your global objectives.

High Net-worth Individuals

We provide high net-worth individuals with bespoke solutions to ensure their assets are secured.

Expatriates & Offshore Contractors

Your priorities centre around ensuring the security of your income and assets and the structuring of your finances for maximum tax efficiency. We can help.

Aircraft Ownership

We provide comprehensive aircraft registration and managemnet solutions aimed at reducing the burden of ownership and ensuring the tax-efficient operation of the asset.

Yacht Ownership

We provide comprehensive yacht registration and management solutions aimed at reducing the burden of ownership and ensuring the tax-efficient operation of the asset.

Professional Intermediaries

We invite local advisors to use OCRA Worldwide as a specialist resource provider dealing only with specific areas of your clients’ affairs.


Experienced Offshore Experts

  • Experienced offshore and global solution experts
  • Confidential
  • Global – 7 offices and 130 multilingual staff
  • Personal approach
  • Legal Compliance and licensing


Our Global Network of Offices

As a leading global corporate and trust service provider established in 1975, we offer our clients more than 40 years’ experience and employ more than 130 multilingual staff across our network of 7 offices worldwide. We have established in excess of 200,000 companies and trusts and provide ongoing administration for many of these entities on behalf of our clients.

Our compliance standards are amongst the best in the industry, and where required, we are a licensed Corporate and Trust Service Provider.

We invite you to contact the office of your choice for a confidential discussion without obligation on how we can help you meet your objectives.