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About OCRA (Luxembourg) S.A.

OCRA Luxembourg meets the demands of international businesses and professionals for Luxembourg structures, companies formed in the world’s offshore centres, and access to Luxembourg’s banking facilities.

The office arranges for the incorporation, administration and domiciliation of all types of Luxembourg corporate entities such as Société Anonyme (trading, holding and mixed trading/holding companies with SOPARFI provisions) and Société à Responsabilité Limitée, which have specific and world-re-known advantages.

Expertise & Focus

  • Formation and maintenance of Luxembourg companies
  • Expertise in structuring Luxembourg companies namely 1990 SOPARFI, SPF and trading companies
  • Expertise in setting up EU parent subsidiary directive structures
  • Structuring companies for tax planning purposes in European centres with specific advantages namely United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Iceland, Malta and Madeira
  • Luxembourg Business Services
  • Corporate structuring in ALL major jurisdictions for tax planning purposes
  • Luxembourg Yacht & Mega Yacht Registration Services

Specialist Jurisdiction(s)

Please note: This office can also incorporate in all jurisdictions offered.