Hong Kong flag

hong kong

Gateway to China's growing market for imported goods and services Strategically located at the heart of Asia which enjoys peerless transport connections with the Mainland China and also Asia pacific regions....

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China flag


China is situated in the East Asia covering an area of approximately 9,600,000 square kilometres. It borders in the north by Russia, Mongolia; in the north-west by Kazakhstan; in the west by...

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Singapore flag


As a well established premier Asian financial hub, Singapore has political stability, sound economic and financial fundamentals, and client confidentiality standards comparable to those of Switzerland. Singapore is a member of the...

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Samoa flag


Samoa offers a wide range of international financial services solutions, in particular, International Companies Incorporations. To incorporate an international company is relatively simple and only exceptionally will it take more than one...

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As one of the few offshore financial centres in Asia, and boasting a low tax regime, Labuan provides an attractive base for many multinational corporations and entrepreneurs.The Federal Territory of Labuan is part...

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