AML Screening

OCRA offers AML screening services to help small and medium-sized enterprises affordably manage reputational, compliance and legal risk by screening against PEPs, sanctions, SDNs and criminal watch lists Premium databases including proprietary information. Adverse media database...

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Companies, Trusts & Foundations

Companies, Trusts & Foundations As a group of legal, accounting and business specialists, we offer our global knowledge of corporate and tax law and insights into the many tax planning challenges our clients face. As such,...

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Offshore Bank Accounts

Bank Introductions & Account Management Services For over 40 years, OCRA Worldwide has been assisting clients to establish and administer offshore and international bank accounts and has developed useful expertise in identifying and working with suitable...

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Offshore Contractors & Expatriates

Offshore Contractors & Expatriates We understand that your priorities centre on ensuring the security of your income and assets, and the structuring of your finances for maximum tax efficiency. OCRA Worldwide has been a trusted service...

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High Net-worth Individuals

High Net-worth Individuals While wealth offers access to many forms of investment such as property, yacht ownership and aircraft ownership, it also provides unique challenges. If you have in excess of 5 million US Dollars of...

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Professional Intermediaries

Consulting to Professional Advisors OCRA Worldwide has spent over four decades building a carefully selected global network of professional clients that includes accountants, lawyers, banks, trust companies, fiduciaries, independent financial advisors and tax advisors. Intermediaries work...

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Aircraft Registration & Management

Aircraft Registration & Management We are a global provider of aircraft ownership solutions and are positioned to help aircraft and helicopter owners obtain an efficient and fiscally responsible ownership solution. OCRA Aerospace forms the Aircraft Services...

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Yacht Registration & Management

Yacht & Ship Registration & Management Our offices in Mauritius and Seychelles provide yacht and ship ownership solutions including registration, management & administration and structuring ownership to maximise operational efficiency and mitigate tax. Structuring an ownership solution...

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