Aircraft Ownership

Aircraft Registration & Management

We are a global provider of aircraft ownership solutions and are positioned to help aircraft and helicopter owners obtain an efficient and fiscally responsible ownership solution.

OCRA Aerospace forms the Aircraft Services wing of OCRA Worldwide's dedicated Sea and Sky Solutions Division – specialising in Private Jet and Helicopter Sales, Aircraft Registration, Management & Administration, Tax-efficient Aircraft Ownership Structuring, Importation /Exportation and a full range of Aircraft Consultancy Services.

The OCRA Aerospace team comprises company, trust, taxation and aviation specialists – offering clients solution-driven services that can be tailored to their specific requirements.

Our many years of hands-on experience allows us to provide you specialist advice on any particular aviation related subject, from purchasing business jets and helicopters, contracting Insurance, Finance, Maintenance, Charter and all other spin-off activities relating to aviation.

Our administrative, management and full consultancy services aim to simplify and ease the access and acquisition of a corporate or private aircraft.
We provide a dedicated management and administration service to aircraft owners, aircraft operators and aircraft leasing companies looking to register their aircraft. We also provide a specialist and dynamic aviation consulting service for clients looking for professional advice and strategic direction for aviation related projects.

OCRA Aerospace is able to provide the following services:

Acquisition Consulting

Obtain professional advice and assistance throughout the process of evaluating and acquiring an aircraft asset.

Ownership Structures

Provides advice and professional services to establish the best value and most efficient structure suitable for asset ownership tailoured to the client’s requirements.

Registration & Administration

We undertake all administrative steps to register aircraft for owners and administer the formalities associated with the administration of such registration and aircraft operation.

Charter & Operational Options

We help clients locate best value access to corporate aircraft appropriate to the clients mission.

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