AML Screening

OCRA offers AML screening services to help small and medium-sized enterprises affordably manage reputational, compliance and legal risk by screening against PEPs, sanctions, SDNs and criminal watch lists

  • Premium databases including proprietary information.
  • Adverse media database and due diligence research.
  • Reputational and third party risk management.

OCRA Due Diligence combines the use of industry standard databases, watch lists and technology to conduct the initial research, which is then analysed by qualified financial crime compliance professionals.

The compliance team returns the results from the screening along with followups to help direct the focus of inquiry with your organization.

Think of OCRA as your extended compliance team. Uses include:

  • Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing screening
  • Onboarding new customers, suppliers and investors.
  • Third party risk management includes open source and manual research.
  • Political exposure, sanctioned countries, and bribery.
  • Uncover reputational issues such as fraud, violent crimes, money laundering, professional misconduct and disqualification.

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