Global Business

Advisory Services

Advisory Services Maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of your corporation’s international structures involves complex decision-making taking many factors into consideration. OCRA Worldwide will work with your professional advisors to develop and implement any new strategy, leading...

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Trade & Investment

Trade & Investment Maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of your corporation’s global trade and investment activities involves complex decision-making and insight into global markets and and the world’s double tax treaties. OCRA Worldwide will work with your professional...

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Foreign Market Entry

Foreign Market Entry Consider OCRA Worldwide your trusted partner in getting a foreign business venture off the ground. We are able to offer full business support to those clients looking to set up business in the...

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Immigration, Residency & Citizenship Services

Immigration, Residency & Citizenship Services We provide immigration consulting services across the entire range of employment activities in the Hong Kong, Singapore and Mauritius. Our service draws upon our specific expertise in, and knowledge of, the...

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Payroll Solutions

Payroll Solutions We offer assistance to employers who face the regulatory complications of employing staff in the major centres of trade and commerce. These include China (including Hong Kong), Singapore, Australia, and Western Continental Europe. We...

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Virtual Office Services

Virtual Office Services We offer virtual office services from most of our offices, many of which are located in the world’s capital cities. This service provides everything you need to run an office without the costs...

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International Compliance

International Compliance OCRA Worldwide aims to assist businesses to meet the legal requirements imposed on them by the main anti-money laundering legislation. We achieve this through ongoing consultation, comprehensive and innovative training and the regular provision...

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Trademark & IP Services

Trademark & IP Services We ensure your trademark is successfully registered - securing your intellectual property from competitors. Trademark refers to a word, a phrase, a design, a symbol, or a slogan that is used to...

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