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Advisory Services

Maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of your corporation’s international structures involves complex decision-making taking many factors into consideration. OCRA Worldwide will work with your professional advisors to develop and implement any new strategy, leading to a mutually agreed approach to your needs.


We recognise your need to reduce your global business costs, and to preserve your assets while maximising profits.

OCRA Worldwide can work with you, in conjunction with your professional advisors, on the development and implementation of any new strategy. These strategies may include:

  • Foreign direct investment
  • Use of double tax treaties to minimize or mitigate double taxation
  • Structuring of cross-border investments
  • Corporate structures for international trade
  • Transfer pricing and VAT registration in Europe
  • Re-invoicing and back-to-back letters of credit
  • Group Finance Companies
  • Captive Insurance Companies
  • Intellectual Property and Royalty Companies
  • Compliance, due diligence and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Effective international employee benefits and incentive structures
  • Cost-efficient international outsourcing and Virtual Offices
  • Health Insurance for international employees
  • Payroll solutions for Project Teams who are working overseas

SME & OMB Enterprises

OCRA Worldwide is your valued partner, working with you to ensure your business is structured so that it develops and grows while you focus on what you do best.

If your company is an SME or OMB, the answers to the vital questions outlined below, will reveal whether your business is maximising its profits and reducing costs in an effective way:

  • Is your business structured for maximum financial efficiency?
  • Have you sought expert advice on the use of offshore and onshore structures?
  • Do you have the potential to reduce costs by outsourcing elements of your business such as manufacturing, IT, accounting and payroll?
  • Is your business’s wealth fully protected from predators?
  • If you are expanding into new markets have you considered using virtual offices to reduce costs?
  • If you trade or invest internationally, do you have access to expertise that can structure your business in the most efficient manner?

Sole Traders

The definition of sole trader describes a business that is owned and controlled by one person, although the business may employ people.

Generally speaking sole traders adopt a trading name (doing business as) and therefore the business has no separate legal existence. As a result, the sole trader i.e. the owner, although entitled to receive all of the net income, is also personally liable for the debts of the business. This is referred to as “unlimited liability”.

In the United Kingdom there are in excess of 2 million sole traders but because of the government incentives to incorporate, and the risks associated with personal liability and litigation, more and more sole traders are now deciding to establish Limited Liability entities such as a Private Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnerships.

The OCRA Worldwide group is currently incorporating in excess of 10,000 companies per annum for sole traders, entrepreneurs and other businesses in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Australia and across the globe, so you can be safe in the knowledge that our consultants have the pre-requisite skills and experience to address all the issues regarding the establishment of Limited Liability entities.


The world’s economies are driven by entrepreneurs.

When you are ready to exploit new ideas, expand into new markets, or engage in cross-border transactions, OCRA Worldwide is well placed to assist with ownership structures, out-sourcing or managing triangulation and payment execution.

From start to finish we deploy experienced commercial specialists to guide you through the process. Consider us your valued partner, working with you to ensure that your business is structured so that it develops and grows while you focus on what you do best.

With cost reduction and profit maximisation at the heart of what we do, some of the essential aspects of your business that we focus on include:

  • Structuring your international business for maximum financial efficiency
  • Using offshore and onshore structures
  • Cost reduction by outsourcing elements of your business such as manufacturing,IT, accounting and payroll
  • Protecting your business’s wealth from predators
  • Reducing the cost of expansion into new markets by using virtual offices

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OCRA Worldwide announces strategic merger with Acclime

17th November 2022, Hong Kong - OCRA Worldwide (OCRA), announces today that it has completed the strategic merger with Asia Pacific’s premier corporate services provider Acclime ( This is the latest step in Acclime’s active expansion as the Asia specialist in compliance and corporate services throughout the region.

Established in 1975 and led by Bart Dekker and Dharmesh Naik, OCRA is one of the industry pioneers in the corporate services sector with a full suite of corporate services from company formation, company secretarial support, accounting, and HR services. Over the past 40 years, OCRA has become a truly global business by providing very personalised services to their clients, most of whom are private investors or companies investing abroad.

From its founding base in Europe, OCRA has morphed over the past decade to focus on the faster growing markets of Asia and the Indian Ocean, and currently has teams in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Mauritius and the Seychelles with around 80 staff. Additionally, OCRA is licensed in Samoa and the UAE to provide incorporation services to clients and referral partners.

"The high quality of the team, the interesting gateway jurisdictions of Mauritius and UAE which are important investment hubs for Africa and India, and the synergy of offering OCRA clients more services and Asian locations for expanding their business were the strategic logic for Acclime's interest in acquiring OCRA," said Martin Crawford, CEO and Co-Founder of Acclime. "We look forward to introducing OCRA’s corporate clients to our regional experts in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam," he added.

The sale of the business was managed by the corporate advisory team of Mazars in London (Paul Joyce & Fred Dearden), acting for the ultimate shareholder of OCRA, and was opened for bids. "Acclime was chosen as the preferred bidder as the team recognised the cultural similarities, with high quality, personalised services at the core," said Bart Dekker, OCRA’s Managing Director, Asia Pacific. Dharmesh Naik, OCRA's Managing Director, Middle East and Indian Ocean, added, "We are excited and delighted to become an integral part of a large international team with the established resources across Acclime's network, and to execute the transaction in line with OCRA's long term succession plan in the interest of all of our stakeholders."

OCRA will operate as an independent business unit within Acclime, supported by funding, IT and marketing initiatives that will grow the business further. Bart Dekker and Dharmesh Naik will remain running the business post-acquisition.

The transaction is subjected to regulatory approvals in several locations and Acclime is expected to complete the acquisition by the end of 2022.

About OCRA
Established in 1975, OCRA is one of the industry pioneers in the corporate services sector with a full suite of corporate services from company formation, company secretarial support, accounting and HR services. For over 40 years, OCRA has been providing personalised services to its clients, most of whom are private investors or companies investing abroad.

About Acclime
Acclime, the premier corporate services provider in Asia, helps corporate and private clients to advance their businesses and interests in difficult-to-navigate markets in emerging Asia. The company’s vision is to reinvent the corporate services sector with innovative solutions that are seamlessly delivered to the highest global standards.