Global Business

Trade & Investment

Maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of your corporation’s global trade and investment activities involves complex decision-making and insight into global markets and and the world’s double tax treaties. OCRA Worldwide will work with your professional advisors to develop and implement strategies that meet your unique needs.
We also offer a range of commercial services to support and enhance your international business activities.

Advisory Services

  • Structuring your business for maximum financial efficiency employing both offshore and onshore structures
  • Tax efficient trading with regard to the procurement and supply of goods and services
  • The use of double tax treaties to minimise or mitigate double taxation
  • Foreign direct investment
  • The structuring of cross-border investments
  • Establishing appropriate corporate structures for international trade
  • Transfer pricing and VAT registration in Europe
  • Re-invoicing and back-to-back letters of credit
  • Group Finance Companies
  • Advice on reducing costs by outsourcing elements of your business such as manufacturing, IT, accounting and payroll
  • Protecting your business’s wealth from predators
  • Reducing the cost of expansion into new markets by utilising our cubicle office services

Commercial Services

  • Project management
  • Arranging for the provision of legal, taxation advice and opinions
  • Drafting commercial agreements, consultancy and employment contracts
  • Assistance in opening and the operation of bank accounts
  • Trading and Letter of Credit services
  • A turn-key service for companies trading in or with the European Union including VAT registration; the filing of VAT returns, Management
  • Accounting services including audit of documentary credit transactions; cash management; invoicing; etc.
  • Payroll Solutions
  • The management of international Personal Pension Schemes
  • Commercial Escrow
  • Trademark Protection
  • Cubicle Presence Offices / Virtual Office Services

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