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We ensure your trademark is successfully registered – securing your intellectual property from competitors.

Trademark refers to a word, a phrase, a design, a symbol, or a slogan that is used to distinguish a product from those of competitors. Trademark law serves as a means to protect the public from being confused about the origin or quality of a product. A company may lose exclusive right to a trademark if it fails to actively defend it against infringement.

By ordering OCRA’s trademark search report, you will be able evaluate the probabilities of registration without problems. Approximately one third of all trademark applications globally are never completed because of objections that normally arise during the registration process because of similarities to other registered trademarks.

Along with the registration search and recommendations, the OCRA search presents a completed form on how and where the trademark should be filed. By allowing OCRA Worldwide to complete the registration process you can ensure that your trademark has been registered correctly.

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